The Bridge Connects a 4-play (in single mode) or the Gamer-Pro to a console. This way you can use any controller you want, on any console...

How it works:
The Bliss-Box Gamer-Pro, GPA, and 4-Play are USB devices that are intended for a USB host. However in the same way the BlisSTer works, all Bliss-Box devices can speak a universal protocol over two wires. The communication can take place over the USB lines without disturbing USB hardware. When you connect the Bliss-Box Bridge to a Gamer-Pro or 4-Play, it begins sending controller data at a fast rate of 500us per request. That is twice as fast as the fastest USB poll-rate. The Bridge takes this data and then speaks to the console. The console now controls the polling rate (typically 16ms) and while the console waits for the next poll, the Bliss-Box gathers the payload.

What you need to know:

  • If using the Bridge on non USB based console, you have to use a cable. See the Bridge cables in the cable cart.
  • It is impossible to test every game on every console. So firmware is actively being released. If something is not working, look for an update.
  • Purchasing this product falls under the same guidelines as all of our products. Please see the return and warranty section at the bottom of the pages. If you do not like it, and are within the time-frame, we buy it back.

What also can it do
The Bridge is not only an option for console, it will also work on a PC and allows xinput. There are many ways to use it on a PC (PS3, as xinput, as a switch and more. The USB rate is much faster then the GP/4P adapter because it uses USB 2.0. You can actually make your older adapters run faster with the Bridge.

What is included.
The dongle is for updating or using the Bridge on USB devices. The button on the Bridge is only used to enter update mode. If pressed accidentally you must unplug the Bridge from the power (typically console) and plug it back in. The Bridge also has HDMI port for its universality.

Cables sold separately.


Product Manual


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