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Movin’ on Up!

Movin’ on Up!

We are now on Shopify, more items, more, SEO, more everything.  

Category_UncategorizedGPA update

GPA update

The GPA has now entering production. It is nearly a 1:1 replica of the Gamer Pro only better. The last part of the puzzle has been completed...Flashing. We were stuck with the DFU flash until rece...



Flashing just got a whole lot better. No more out of date flashers, and no more dependencies. No need to run the full API tool, not more command prompt nonsense. This is a one stop flasher for a...

Category_UncategorizedIntellivision and 5200 join the battle and the launch!

Intellivision and 5200 join the battle and the launch!

The Intellivision is a digital pad only console. It has a full keypad, 2 buttons on each side ( 3 actions two are shared ), and a 16 directional disc. The keypad is supported using any other keypa...

Category_UncategorizedTG16 has landed.

TG16 has landed.

Very simple one with not much effort. Turbo Grafx and PC Engine are both the same controller design. To tell the console we have 6 buttons all direction are pressed. It does not appear the game te...

Category_UncategorizedThe Bridge is purring along.

The Bridge is purring along.

Jaguar has entered the Bridge. The pad is %100 emulated and works with the key pad. took a stab at the rotary and mouse support and with no surprise, its not going to happen. that polling system f...