BlisSter v3

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The BlisSter v3 board is identical to the V2.
Improvements for v3.
  • The LEDS now show LED status.
  • The power module is built in and now protects for ESD. It does not protect against over voltage, use 5v only!
  • USB v-bus is now implemented.
  • The switch is extruded out an addition 1 or 2 millimeters.

The BlisSTer is a USB Hub board with integrated Gamer-Pro Logic chips and ports. The BlisSTer features an interface to Bliss-Box's LLAPI (Low Level API) taking advantage of many dirrect features and data from the Bliss-Box chips without the need of using USB. That means no USB lag at all!

This add-on is intended for use with LLAPI cores maintained by Ricardo and other volunteers. Bliss-Box is not involved in the implementation of the software itself. Should you encounter any issues with the software, please contact Ricardo directly for assistance. Bliss-Box solely provides support for hardware-related inquiries only.


  • 5 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Standard USB connection and polling rates
  • 2 x Bliss-Box ports (HDMI form factor) to be used with our cables.
  • Use original controllers with adapter cables.
  • swappable from LLAPI to USBs seamless.
  • Upgrade/Reset button for each Bliss-Box port.
  • Power switch for entire MiSTer device
  • Micro-USB 3.0 user port for LLAPI mode

1 BlisSTer v3
1 USB micro to micro bridge
1 USB 3.0 user port cable
1 5 volt barrel to barrel connector
4 Stand off's (m3 14mm )

Warning: Do not use a 12v source!

See this link for more info. 


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