The Bliss-Box BlisSTer

The MiSTer is a small community of people sharing love and respect for older hardware and wanting to keep enjoying these older systems. We have produced a board for the MiSTer that performs as well as any of the current USB board options and extends a few new features and options that will come to be rather attractive to many MiSTer fans.


BlisSTer accessories (email us link if you wish to have a link on this page)

Offical MiSTer case.  Fits latest BlisSter (REV2 with or without power protection)


The main attraction to the BlisSTer is a thing we call LLAPI (Low Level API). The Normal Bliss-Box products that adapt almost any wired controller to USB is integrated on the BlisSTer, though USB is not the only option. With some help from a developer Jamie AKA Rysha, cores are taking advantage of the LLAPI. This board is going to allow you to communicate with a controller at it's own interrupt level. Your MiSTer cores, while used with the BlisSTer, will allow any controller to be used the way it was intended to be used on the console itself. The LLAPI even has the ability (although not implemented yet) to directly communicate with memory packs or rumble motors in the very same manner the console does.




Bliss-Box has engineered a way to communicate over USB with a proprietary two wire interface. The protocol, when engaged, tells the USB to stop communicating. The information is then routed via the serial (USB 3.0) port on the MiSTer board and read directly into the selected core.   



Why BlisSTer?

  • Bliss-Box logic is inside, auto detection and all that goes with it.
  • Use of the best retro game cables money can buy. Our authentic cables just work.
  • Open and friendly! BlisSTer schematic is open. 
  • Same form-factor as the USB hub add-on board.
  • Added features to the existing hub board like a power switch and LED extenders.
  • Although not required, when paired with LLAPI, it's like the real thing.
    • Lag free, there is no polling outside the normal sync rate, the controller is read when the core wants it.
    • An internal gateway to the controller with no USB overhead.



Protection module. 

 This module is safe to press up against metal as all extruding points are ground. Tempering with the module can result in a non functional board. On the bottom of the BlisSter there will be a yellow/orange LED. It simply means the module has power. On top the red LED indicates current is flowing to the board. In the event of a power surge or over voltage the red LED will go out and the BlisSter and Mister will be protected.



BlisSter features 

  • BlisSter is essentially an upgraded USB hub board. It has the same USB system with 7 ports but two are occupied with the same chip found in the Gamer-Pro (Bliss-Box). These ports are HDMI style ports used for Bliss-Box cables. Both are equipped with reset buttons.
  • The two HDMI ports can work in normal USB mode or LLAPI mode and are switched via the MiSTer. In USB mode the LEDS are green. In LLAPI mode they are red.
  • Power switch for easy on and off operation when routing the power cable in from the wall and out to the MiSTer.
  • Voltage shut off features (on second run v2 + boards only). Saves all your hardware form over voltage and power strikes. Output port is not protected, only the input port is monitored.


 Bliss-Box features 

BlisSTer gets all of the Bliss-Box features as well. Here are some of the button combos for these features.  For more detail see support.


Maintenance and updating:

Since the LLAPI is not in the main, it is recommended to update the LLAPI cores to get MisSTer updates. The work for you has been done by the wonderful fans, here is now.

Also It is wise to  run the ‘’ script often. Remember that you have to run this script two separate times. Once for each bliss-port. Do not use the same bliss reset button both times.  If you see an “Error opening HIDBoot device”, the script did not work. Reboot the mister and try running the updater again for that port. If you still see this you may have caused a faulty flash. Use the safe mode flashing instructions.



  • LLAPI branch not merged with the main branch is currently updated by Ricardo with the help of many users. 
  • LLAPI is open source, see Mister implementation here And Bliss-Box’s implementation here.
  • What controllers work with the BlisSTer, see Bliss-Box compatibility here.



 Tech deatils


 Latency, Jitter,lag, and polling. A simple illustration.


The board is equipped with two reset buttons for the Bliss-Box ports.These are to reset the ports and update the firmware. We are keeping the remaining 5 USB ports for the user’s discretion. This board is a direct fit for the existing USB board including the micro USB location that many people have been using a bridge with.  The power in can be sent back out to the MiSTer if desired and the toggle switch kills power to the entire board including the output. The switch also has a manual jumper that can be used to operate the power remotely.


BlisSTer is an open board as are the cables.  See details here.

LLAPI mode requires the cores as it has not been accepted by the main FPGA maintainer. Though USB mode does work natively with the main MiSTer cores. LLAPI cores found below.

Spacial thx to Resb1t, Rysha, Twotone8, and Sorg.



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