BlisSTer quick reference

  • BlisSTer requires an input board 5.5 or greater. You can also make your own custom way of accessing the J2 on the DE10-Nano.
  • LLAPI cores are required for LLAPI features not for USB mode.
  • DO NOT use anything other then 5 volts to power this board. The MiSTer power adapter works fine, use a pass-thru to power the MiSTer.
  • BlisSTer accessories (email a link if you wish to have a link on this page)


Quick Connect Guide (For more detail see support page)

Minimal Mister Setup.

1) Connect the necessary cables to both the DE10 Nano and the BlisSTer board. This includes the USB cable, power cable, and bridge cable.

 2) Connect a controller to the LLAPI 1 port using the controller cable adapter.


3) Set up the controller inputs on the main mister menu. It is best to use a controller with many buttons as all controllers share the same layouts. So you only need to do this with one controller. A good example would be the play station. 

4) Download and update the LLAPI cores. See more info on the rpeviose page. 

5) Load an LLAPI core of your preference. If USB is your choice, bind the controller buttons accordingly. Otherwise, LLAPI handles this process automatically. In the event you're utilizing an older LLAPI core, remember to activate LLAPI mode. (Note: Recent cores do not necessitate this step.)

6) See previous page's FAQ section for other common questions.


Note: If you wish not to use a I/O Board, here is a quick how to for making your own USB 3.0 port.






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