Bliss-Box created the first full production universal controller adapter.  These adapters are compatible with virtually every controller and peripheral in existence. (see Compatibility List). They use low cost adapter cables which allow controllers to plug into HDMI-Like ports. This gives an unparalleled capacity to play with different types of controllers at once or to swap and configure controllers on the fly.

Bliss-Box products come in many forms and with add-ons.

Top selling products: 

BlisSter – A MiSTer based card bring all Bliss-Box logic with an advanced LLAPI protocol to bypass USB. Read more about it on our support page under BlisSter. Or stop by our store front. 

Gamer-Pro – The successor to the 4-Play, now sold as a single player device. Read more about it on our support page under 4-Play / Gamer-Pro. Or stop by our store front. 

Upcoming products:

Bridge – Take your Gamer-Pro or 4-Play to your favorite console. Imagine using any controller on any console! Follow the progress of the Bridge on the Blog. Planned to release this year!

A.I.R – Turn Bliss-Box in to Xinput or a wireless application!  Yes now you can use all the same functionality over the air, with a sender and receiver. The sender also doubles as an adapter from HID to Xinput. Follow the progress of the A.I.R on the Blog. Aimed for 2023.

close up unit
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Gamer-Pro phone
bridge setup
Controller Support


Bliss-Box adapters are the first to support such a wide variety of controllers. The list of supported systems continues to grow! We hope to add more and more to our already impressive repertoire.

Made for a gamer


Have you ever bought an adapter with driver or USB ID issues? Do you have a bin full of awkward, unreliable products that just don’t quite get the job done? Do you want a seamless, authentic gaming experience that’s hassle free? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Bliss-Box USB apter may be right for you.

API and software


The API has many features for use with the 4-Play or Gamer-Pro adapters.  From programming preferred settings to pulling info about the adapter to interfacing with controller peripherals. 

Product Growth


The greatest advantage in owning the Bliss-Box USB adapter is that you’ll never need to buy another retro controller USB adapter again. In addition to the controllers it already supports, the adapter allows for; Easy updates to support newly discovered controllers. Creation of new adapters cables should the need arise. A design  based on the concepts of adaptability, authenticity, and value since the very beginning.

Plug and Play


Bliss-Box adapters do not need drivers and the cables are easy to organize. This adapter is modular and supports the same features across multiple controllers. The adapter shows up as a Gaming USB device and handles all the communication to the controllers by itself, meaning you won’t have to struggle with re-configuring inputs every time you unplug it.

Easy updates


You can use the stand alone tool or the API to easily update your Bliss-Box adapter to the latest firmware. You can buy our cables and use them with no extra configuration. The cables are open source and can be made by anyone.