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Compatible with virtually every controller and peripheral on the market. See. (see tested Compatibility List). for more details. The Gamer-Pro utilizes low-cost adapter cables that allow controllers to connect to its HDMI ports, providing you with the flexibility to play with different types of controllers simultaneously or to easily switch and configure controllers on the go.

The Gamer-Pro converts retro controllers to USB for use on a PC or other USB device, offering support for a wide range of controllers. The list of supported systems is continuously expanding. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, as well as PS3, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox original when used with the Bridge accessory.

Additionally, the Gamer-Pro supports N64 memory card transfers to and from the real console and emulators, delivering even more features than the original Adaptoid.

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Customer Reviews

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Omar Diaz
Best device to play mario maker or roms

This is a great product but the downsides is that it has a limited number of flashes. It is pricy but I highly recommend buying a gamer pro dedicated for switch only and a gamer pro advance for pc only....and if you got the cash...I recommend getting a 4 play for the rare moments you are with your boys. I gave it a 4/5 because it is great but it is not perfect.

Just to point out a correction, the number of flashes on this device is 100,000 ( higly dubful anyone would ever reach that in a lifetime). However the USB cable on this device was in fact not 'perfect' and weakens over time. I think this maybe the issue pointed out in this review. This issues was corrected with the Gamer-Pro Advanced.


I've only used it for 4-player N64.At first, it seemed a bit buggy. I was not getting any inputs at all. Then when I went to flash it, the flash utility kept not finding the devices (when pushing the buttons in), but I kept at it and eventually flashed all 4 ports to 1.56.1 (I'm unsure if it's a good idea or not to flash to 2.0 since I'm going to primarily be using this for an android box). One of the ports completely crashed (in windows and wouldn't come up, but after a restart and a USB disconnect/reconnect of the hub, everything is working now. After some initial concerns, everything seems to be working fine. Most (but not all) Android N64 emulators work great.

Tim Boda

Caveat: Make sure you can get the right adapter cables for your classic controllers before buying this product. Though the marketing materials tout support almost universal support for vintage console controllers, the fine print details reveal that the manufacturer (4-Play) only includes a subset of the entire range of adapter cables for the most popular (best selling) and more recent console system controllers. This cost-reducing measure seemed reasonably acceptable at first, until I found that the non-included adapter cables (e.g., Atari 5200) are nearly impossible to find and acquire separately. Sure, one could reasonably argue that for many games, Atari 5200 game play improves under another controller option because the original controllers were a bit problematic. However, it detracts from the authenticity of the emulation experience for people who have used this classic console, and getting an authentic experience is the sole reason I purchased a Bliss-Box. I give it 3 stars out of 5, because I feel I’ve only been able to get about 60 percent of the way to where I hoped to be with this product, but I may revise if I can ever acquire the Atari 5200 (DB-15) cable adapters. I have tested the product with Atari 2600 joysticks and had good results, but the 5200 was the real target for me, as that was the system I had played most back in the day.

Rick B.

Once you get up and running the blissbox is a dream for classic gaming enthusiasts. I love playing games with the original controller and the ability to swap with a single button press works really well. Say I'm playing SNES games, but want to switch to gamecube emulator. Just swap the controller, press a button on the box and you are all set. I'm not able to detect any latency and I spent much of my youth configuring rhythm games within intervals of 10ms. Fighting game freaks will be more attuned than I but I'm decent at picking up on it. I've long held that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 just didn't feel great unless I was playing on original hardware. I grew up with the original version and I feel like the Wii VC version that I played in my adolescent years was held back by bluetooth controller and LCD TV lag. With blissbox and my monitor it feels close enough to genuine that any difference I think may well be placebo effect. Compatibility with Retroarch is nearly seamless, So far the only issue I had so far was needing a configuration file for the Mupen 64 Core which I found on the Blissbox forums.That leads me to the cons: 1. Feature creep and 2. Be ready for some tinkering. The owner of this company seems to be some kind of wizard genius and he seems dedicated to this passion project. He responded very quickly to an inquiry I had and is working on a solution for the controller that I found to be incompatible last night as of this morning. However it seems like he runs the show mostly on his own, and the amount of projects he is working on is significant for one person. That said, he has exciting projects in the works and I can't wait to see them I sincerely hope the product and company continues to grow because I think it deserves better documentation and more organized communication. If you play with emulators you are not allergic to tinkering, but that makes it hard to recommend this to the layperson. As it stands this product is for nerds but you already know that if you are here. Don't want to tinker? Go buy an xbox one. Tinkering is half the fun and if you built a gaming PC and play classic games on emulators, I think you know that already.I bought mine direct from the company website because I wanted the standard cable pack with two more N64 adapters. I would have liked if they included 4 of them but aside from that the default cable set is perfect for me. The ability to buy cheap adapters for virtually any controller makes this box special and makes for a great collecting experience.I can look over a few flaws with this product in its current form because the big picture is so incredible. It's amazing what this little box can do and the features keep growing with time. There's alternatives but nothing comes close to supporting this many controllers.

Martin Iturbide

It was one of the best ideas and products published for gamers that will like to replicate the "console experience" on their PCs.