Bliss-Box accessories are available in our store under cables.


Cables - Our cables are strong and durable and made with high quality parts. Lots of testing is done to make sure they fit with many controllers. Our cables are open hardware and you may make your own cables. This also lends it’s self to counterfeit knockoffs that other companies will make. This has already happened and you can read more about it here. There have been numerous reports on the inferior quality of these cables. If you are experiencing these issue give our cables a try!



Break Out board - This is a HDMI breakout board. Handy if you wish to use Bliss-Box cables for other intended purposes. This can also be used for the special Virtual Boy and PC-FX adapters. There is also an Arcade mode for 10 button 4 direction use. 




Combo Fix This adapter fixes the lack of rumble support for the PlayStation controllers for the Gamer-Pro and Gamer-Pro jr. This adapter also smooths are atari paddles.




Level Shifter - To be used with the BlisSTer board. This will let you use the 4-Play or Gamer-Pro as player one on the MiSTer serioal port for LLAPI support. At this time only player 1 is supported.