We here at Bliss-Box want you to know, you are gaming with the right hardware. Nothing would displease us more to know you lost your battle because of some less-than-worthy piece of hardware. As such, we keep a close eye on the counterfeit and cheap knock-offs where we can.

No successful company is immune to counterfeit products and we too, have to deal with companies and other groups making poor substitutes of our amazing products. You may buy what you like, and if it works for you this only makes us happier, but rest-assured we are always on the lookout for such poor clones.

How can you know you are using official Bliss-Box products? One way is to look for our company logo “Bliss-Box”, but in some cases like with our superior high-quality cables, you need to look closer! We have already identified some cheap knock-offs popping up online and have done the homework for you. Thus far the Kaminoans identified have not included the HDMI logo on the connectors. This is not absolute, but it is a tell-tale sign. Note the missing logo on the images below.



Compared to the authentic Bliss-Box cables shown below.




The Bliss-Box connectors do very in appearance a bit from cable to cable, but they all have the HDMI logo on them. And unlike the image above, our cables have a strain relief where the cable meets the connector, as we recognize that cables need to tolerate physical bending. Do not fall victim to this poor design. In addition to the indicators found on the images above, please take note that we list all authorized resellers at the bottom of our page. If you buy elsewhere, you could be a victim of counterfeit hardware. Please do understand Bliss-Box cannot provide a warranty or guarantee that your devices will not be damaged by the clone hardware.