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Take your Gamer-Pro or 4-Play to your favorite console. Imagine using any controller on any console! Follow the progress of the Bridge on the Blog. Or maybe just extended the ability of your Gamer-Pro/4-Pay to USB 2.0 or even XINPUT! The Bridge uses LLAPI to communicate with the adapter. It supports any adapter that uses LLAPI. Since LLAPI is open source any product can use this adapter’s ability to game on consoles and USB devices. Of course LLAPI will need to be integrated into any adapter that chooses to communicate with the Bridge, but it costs only curiosity and time. We encourage anyone to get in touch with us about adapter you want to use with the Bridge. The protocol is very easy to use, only requires 2 wires, at least a 12MHz chip, and we already have source code written in c to do it.

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A MiSTer based card bring all Bliss-Box logic with an advanced LLAPI protocol to bypass USB. Read more about it on our support page under BlisSter. Or stop by our store front. 

The MiSTer is a small community of people sharing love and respect for older hardware and wanting to keep enjoying these older systems. We have produced a board for the MiSTer that performs as well as any of the current USB board options and extends a few new features and options that will come to be rather attractive to many MiSTer fans.

This board has the Bliss-Box chips (that adapt almost any wired controller to USB)  integrated on-board. Though USB is not the only option. A main attraction to the BlisSTer is a thing we call LLAPI (Low Level API). With some help from a developer Jamie AKA Rysha, Many cores were written to take advantage of the LLAPI. This board allows you to communicate with a controller at it’s own interrupt level. Your MiSTer cores, while used with the Bliss-Box, will allow any controller to be used the way it was intended to be used on the console itself. It even auto maps the buttons! The LLAPI even has the ability (although not implemented yet) to directly communicate with memory packs or rumble motors in the very same manner the console does. Although that is a bit ahead of its time, it has the ability to do it. These core are now updated and maintained but the legendary Ricardo over at ultimate mister.

REV3 is the latest version and a join effort from the top seller of MiSTer product in the world. Ricardo also has taken it upon himself to head up the LLAPI core developed. Cores are going out faster then people are aware of them.

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4-Play, Gamer-Pro (jr)

4-Play, Gamer-Pro (jr)

4-Play, Gamer-Pro, Gamer-Pro jr., and the all new upcoming GPA are Bliss-Box’s bread and butter adapters. The 4-Play ( no longer in production) started the controller crave in 2007 and lead to  the formation of Bliss-Box. The successor to the 4-Play (Gamer-Pro) sold as a single player device. All the power of the 4-Play in a much smaller product. The GPA is simply the GP but advanced… There is also a Gamer-Pro jr. that is for the Do it yourself minded person.

These adapter convert retro controllers to USB. Whether you have 1 or many controllers that you want to  use on a PC or other USB device, this is a great option. 

These adapters are the first adapters to support such a wide variety of controllers. The list of supported systems continues to grow! We hope to add more and more to our already impressive repertoire. It even works on almost any modern operating system, including Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and even PS3, Nintendo Switch and Xbox original ! And when coupled with the Bridge, allows just about anything.

They also support n64 memory card transfers to and from the real console and emulators. Just like the original Adaptoid with even more features.






The greatest advantage of owning this adapter, is that you’ll never need to buy another retro controller USB adapter again. In addition to the controllers it already supports, it can be easily updated to support new ones. We can even design new adapter cables should the need arise. The design has been based on the concepts of adaptability, authenticity, and value since the very beginning.

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Combo Fix – The adapter adds two things to the Gamer-Pro. It adds a capacitor for smoother Atari controller action, and a short for PSX to support rumble. This can be used with all Bliss-Box adapter and boards. the Gamer-Pro and Jr both bennifit from these options.  The BlisSter beneifits from the Atari paddle fix, and the Gamer-Pro Advanced already has this on board.

Level Shifter – This is simple for anyone wanting to use the GPA, GP, GPjr, or 4-Play on the Mister over the User port. Using the adapter over this port is exclusively for LLAPI. If you just want to use it as USB, this adapter is not required.

BreakOut Board – If you are in to the D.I.Y world, this adapter is a nice way to expose the HDMI connector. Create for arcade setups!.


There are many miscellaneous options, please visit our store front to find the right option for you.

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Bliss-Box has research the construction of the cable design very thoroughly. Many tests for compatibly, resistance and durability have been made.  Our cables are no more then wires from connector to connector and the pin outs are open to the public. We want to support the ‘do it yourself’ nature of older hardware. This also lends it’s self to counterfeit knockoffs that other companies will make. This has already happened and you can read more about it here.

One of the original ideas for the Bliss-Box adapter was to be modular. If a connector goes bad it will not cost you the price of another adapter as you can replace the cable. Or, maybe you just do not need them all. As mentioned, you can use your own, or buy from another company. We can not extend outr warranty or guarantee that they work but you do have options.

The original adapter had 16 cable types.

Thew Bridge is planned to also have many types of cables. And we plan to manufacture many other types of cables to come. there cables may requires components in side.

There are many Cable options, please visit our store front to find the right option for you.

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The APC ( Advanced Port Connector) is nothing more then a cable switch box. It has up and down selectors and requires a 12 volts power. It has 1 input and 8 (not available yet)  or 16 ( limited supply) outputs.  Because of the way the HDMI ports are being used, they will not work with a normal HDMI switch box.

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Read more about our products on our Support page  or stop by our Store front. 

Upcoming products:

A.I.R – Turn Bliss-Box in to Xinput or a wireless application!  Yes now you can use all the same functionality over the air, with a sender and receiver. The sender also doubles as an adapter from HID to Xinput. Follow the progress of the A.I.R on the Blog. Aimed for 2023.

GPA – Mentioned above, planned to hit production in 2023.

BlisSTer REV3 – The BlisSter just simply refuses to stop selling!!! Every year we make it better and better. Now with a joint effort from you can have the best BlisSTer yet! USB LED are corrected so that the LED comes on when occupied. Added Vbus support and replaced protection module with integrated protection electronics. Back to a blue board and the power switch extends a bit further out to make it easier to operate. Now available in stores.

Bridge Cables – The bridge cables ( connecting Bridge to console) will have a very distinct tag on them. We want to make sure there is no confusion on what cable goes where. The cables are also HDMI so it could be easy to mistake them. Although most Bridges cables use a male end for the console, so it should be easy to ID from a controller cable. Though, the regular controller cables are not necessarily pinned out the same way. So a new style cable had to be made. These will be the same cost and there may be a few cables that look similar. For example DB9 cable fits many consoles and it not always the same pin out when it comes to power pins. So each cable will have a clear label on it. More info to come but 12 cables had already been made and many more are well on the way.