Advanced Port Connector

The APC is like a HDMI switch box but designed for Bliss-Box cable only. This is not designed for any other hardware. Power lines are permanent connections, do not use with other appliances.


  • 15 input HDMI ports
  • 1 output HDMI port.
  • An up and down port selector
  • A Reset button (same as the reset line on the Bliss-Box)
  • A required 12 volt input sources of power.
  • protected by an acrylic bottom and top cover.
  • LED port indicators.

Navigation buttons are shown on the right. These buttons will change your input source. 



There is a master reset button used like the Bliss-Box adapter reset. This button will active the adapers reset function. It will also work for updating firmware. There is also a 12V input port.  

Please use a 12 volt center positive .1 amp (100 ma) or greater 5.5mm barrel type connector.
Like any of the following