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Firmware downloads for the 4-Play and Gamer-Pro products.

3.0 – ( Compatible With The BlisSTer)

The latest version of the Gamer-Pro and 4-Play firmware. Backwards compatible with 2.0 with many new features and an all new button layout. See the online manual for the changes. This version now supports the new LLAPI to be used with the BlisSTer board and the up coming Bridge.


Firmware (2.0) –  This is the older firmware that was flash to the Gamer-Pro during production. Much of this design as been redesigned and it is encouraged to use the 3.0. This firmware only supports Gamer-Pro and 4-Play devices.


Use the 4-Play or the Gamer-Pro on the PS3. API 2.0 Features need to be programmed with the normal 2.0 firmware but the saved programming will remain once the PS3 firmware is loaded (such as mapping).  Four player mode supports 4 separate players if all ports are flashed.


XBOX (original)

Use the 4-Play or the Gamer-Pro on the Original Xbox. API 2.0 Features need to be programmed with the normal 2.0 firmware but the saved programming will remain once the XBOX firmware is loaded (such as mapping).  Only single player mode is available.


Use the 4-Play or the Gamer-Pro on the Nintendo Switch. API 2.0 Features need to be programmed with the normal 2.0 firmware but the saved programming will remain once the Switch firmware is loaded (such as mapping).  The Swtich will support four player mode on the 4-Play if all ports are flashed. There are two versions here, one that matches 3.0 features, and one that matches 2.0.

NOTICE:  Bliss-Box cannot support or endorse any unofficial firmware. If you are running a custom or modified unofficial firmware it could void your warranty. If an RMA is submitted and an unofficial firmware is loaded onto the device, Bliss-Box reserves the right to apply a fee upon returning the unit to you.

Runtimes and tips. 

WinUSB does not support control transfers correctly. Firmware 2.0 will not work with WinUSB. HidUSB is the default windows driver and the suggested driver for 2.0. Use this tool to check if you have WinUSB installed.

Flashing From 1.0 to 2.0
When flashing a new version of 2.0 you must first remove your existing drivers. This tool can help with the removal.

Flashing From 1.0 to 3.0
In most cases this goes well but in the event it does not; First flash back to 2.0. Run the API tool and hit restore defaults. Make sure all functionally is as it should be. Use the API tool to update to 3.0. 

Flashing From 2.0 to 3.0
Use the API tool or the stand alone flasher to update to 3.0. 

Standalone Flasher.  
The Flashtool ( only required for 1.x, but works with new firmware’s) may require 2008 or 2005 C++ Run-times (link’d below) if you see the side by side error.

API TOOL requires Direct X
Note: 2.0 is updateable within the API Tool. The API Tool does require Direct X Run-Times for its rumble functions.  Win 10 Users! – Apparently Windows 10 has changed something in an update and for legacy DX support you need to install the SDK. This should install the run-times as well. The API tool may also require the 2012 run-times.

Run-Times for easy access.
These older runtimes are no longer supported by Microsoft and are slowly being removed. The Flash Tool is an unmodified version of the original V_USB HIDBootFlash. This tool is used to flash devices using firmware 1.x. NOTE: do to the GLP license this has been left unmodified. So make sure to update the Product ID as shown in the image. 16d0 0a5f


Also available is a linux Binary no GUI.
./linux_updator -r 4-Play_2.0_final_230.hex 16d0 0a5f

Here is a link to the source project it was built from



API Tool Documentation


The API Tool is a tool to demonstrate and use the Bliss-Box 4-Play/Gamer-Pro to its full potential. The tool is released open source for any to use and modify but may not be sold for commercial use. So this code is not licences under GPL. 

The API has many features for use with the 4-Play or Gamer-Pro adapters.  From programming preferred settings to pulling info about the adapter to interfacing with controller peripherals.

This tool only supports 2.0 and greater firmware and will guide you in updating your existing 1.x device as well as programming the ports with individual player IDs.