The Bliss-Box A.I.R.

The Bliss-Box A.I.R.
First post for the next product soon to hit the shop... What is the A.I.R: This is an advanced integrated replicator. Meaning simply, it will replicate the Bliss-Box USB to USB 2.0 or Xinput. There are no plans to figure out the xbox dongle security yet but it should work with the controller feeder trick. However that is not the direction of this product. The main focus here is to eliminate latency and extend to more devices. USB 2.0 is 3 times faster then the current device speed and you no longer are limited to HID. Note: Xinput in itself is very limited compare to HID so you will loose a lof of analogs and buttons (see image below). Most Xinput users know this and just want the used of Bliss-Box over Xinput. There is another little hidden gem about this thing that I'll keep hush until I have reached the mile stone but a hint, its in the name.... Development status: Today marks the first 'usable state' mile stone. The A.I.R can be used this with an existing Bliss-Box products and get USB 2.0 speeds or Xinput ( via switch o). For anyone interested in how, it uses LLAPI. As most know LLAPI can read data in under a millisecond from the USB port of a Bliss-Box device. Once that data is read, another chip using LUFA,talks USB/Xinput to the PC or other OS/Device. Xinput From the Bliss-Box.

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