Intellivision and 5200 join the battle and the launch!

Intellivision and 5200 join the battle and the launch!

The Intellivision is a digital pad only console. It has a full keypad, 2 buttons on each side ( 3 actions two are shared ), and a 16 directional disc. The keypad is supported using any other keypad controller. The top buttons are the same physical button and both left and right buttons work ( so 3 total). This one was rather easy to implement aside from the math to get the angles. The arc tan function were just too taxing on the chip. So a quadratic equation was needed to get the job done.

Atari 5200: All keypad keys and side buttons are supported, as well as the analog stick. This mode forces UDLR mode as it would be useless with digital controller otherwise.

And with that said, we are live. The Bridge is now available. We are still looking into manufacturing of the dongles but you can make them yourself. If you are only planning on using this on USB based consoles, you do not need the dongles.


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