Gamer-Pro Advanced has Begun

Gamer-Pro Advanced has Begun

Go to any level / jump higher / stay bigger / live forever... The Gamer-Pro just got better...

The Gamer-Pro was the successor to the 4-play but really is a lessor form. The next incarnation here is going to be quite a boost. Planned so far:
1) 4 times the space on the chip.
2) Hardware USB, 2.0 supports fast speed and xinput (with its limitations)
3) Same HDMI interface and capabilities as the former.
4) No more speed limitation so dream cast will get full support.
5) Controller transfers are now fully supported.

The firmware will not use current Bliss-Box code nor be compatible with the current firmware. The entire point of this project is to let go of the vices.

PSX screening along... 4 times the speed it was.

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