Bliss-Box Bridge gets a tail.

Bliss-Box Bridge gets a tail.

Mouse support is here! SNES, Saturn, Arkanoid, and soon to be 3do, all now support mice or dial's. You may being asking why, but with the vast controller support for Bliss-Box, it really does make sense.

No, the Bliss-Box Gamer-Pro and 4-Play do not support mice but they do support paddles and controller based mice or tablets. The wii had a lot of interesting peripherals for this that are inexpensive. Like the uDraw and DJ Hero. Also you could use an analog controller or a dial based controller like the Atari paddles and Arkanoid controller. Or even the pippin controller with a built in mouse. Some function better then others but more importantly, give you something you never had. For example many Saturn games would not allow you to use a 3d controller for a mouse based game. The game simply ignored inputs. With the Bridge is lets you use a controller as a mouse. Check out some of the videos.

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