3Do, is now part of the Bridge.

3Do, is now part of the Bridge.

I had a friend of mine really looking for 3do support. Since I already had the sega cable I figured this one would be easy. Another thing I always wondered about 3do was the clock signal. I figured it out on my own for Bliss-Box but but since I didn't have any documentation I never knew how it really worked. I found the clock to work around 2us pulses.

Working with the console I now see it's actually 4us and has a long 500us lead in. These means my Bliss-Box implementation reads the data twice as fast and a damn good thing too.... The full data cycle is near 12ms long. For Bliss-Box that meas it does it under 6ms... If that were not the case there would be some trouble with lag for sure.

This also brings up a good point but first why so much data? The 3do has support for analog controllers, so after the digital data it reads analogs. For this implementation of the bridge I'm not going to support that as it would have to read the BB 6ms and then do LLAPI 1ms and then bridge another 12ms. I can over lap the two if we had to do it but for now I'm passing on that. I think there are only 4 games that use it. It's possible but leaving that as a TODO for now.

All and All this one was a one day effort, had GEX running around the screen in no time with a psx controller. My Son actually spent more time on playing GEX then I did developing :)

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