3.0 released!

3.0 released!
3.0 is here! The next version of the Bliss-Box firmware is now available for download. Compatibility continues to grow with this version along with the features. Current status of 3.0 has entered a stable version. The firmware is similar to 2.0 in most all respects with the following changes and additions.
> LLAPI (Low level API). In addition to the popular software API that was introduced in 2.0, 3.0 now has a wire to wire mode for getting data and controlling the Bliss-Box. This is done over the existing USB wires and can be used with other devices. The first device to utilize this is the Bridge. The Bridge is an add-on that allows the Bliss-Box to work on many consoles. This product is still under development. The second device to take advantage of this LLAPI is the ever-growing MiSTer. Huge shout-out to Rysha for her continued efforts on the MiSTer dev team. The MiSTer can use the Bliss-Box in LLAPI mode and directly poll controllers with no USB involved. The drive for this LLAPI was so great we here at Bliss-Box decided to design a MisSTer add-on of ourselves. The BlisSTer board is essentially a new USB board with Bliss-Box built-in. It will use the existing HDMI cables. If you wish to use your existing Bliss-box instead, just make sure 3.0 is flashed and you are using a level shifter (availability coming to our store soon). Note that only one player is supported that way.
>Controller support continues to grow, take note that 3.0 is the continuation of 2.0. The following controllers have been added to 3.0
Coleco Fashback.
SNES NTT data controller
FC NTT data controller (require fix)
Retro Bit Sega Saturn.
And more!
>Another exciting thing about the new upcoming Bridge adapter is that during R&D we are learning more about the consoles we work with. The current state of the Bridge has now completed its PS2 compatibly and we looked back at the PSX code for the Bliss-Box. Expect a nice shiny new polished version of the PSX logic in 3.0.
>3.0 has taken on a few rewrites and new features. The rumble (or FFB implementation) has be redesigned and more realistic then before. Much of the legacy code is rewritten from scratch all while preserving the compatibility it had and making things better.
>There is a new force detection feature for anyone using Toodles’s MC Cthulhu board or like. You can now put the Bliss-Box in a mode to assume it’s connected permanently to a controller.
>There is a new button layout that is better set for modern gaming. You can always use the button mapper in the API to go back to the 2.0 layout. This new layout was designed with applications such as; RetroArch, Steam, and PC gaming and uses the HAT controls instead of buttons. There will be two main layouts for the L/R set up and a few button swapping combos like button rotation and button swapping.And a new exciting turbo mode!
Ready for a new and better experience? Then grab it here.

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