The Bridge is live and now online for purchase.

It is here! – The ultimate retro gaming tool. Game with whatever you want to…. The bridge is considered early release beta and we are taking requests. What console do you want to game on and with what do you want to game with? You name it, we make it. Help become part of this amazing tool and let others enjoy your ideas. It already supports many major controllers and even many rare ones but there is so much room left for so much more. Join the discord and jump right in.

1 thought on “The Bridge is live and now online for purchase.

  1. Cool! I was always hoping the Bliss-Box could do this, because I really wanted a Retropad32 and then when I discovered Bliss-Box, I didn’t realize it was just USB and was really excited about it… But now, who needs the Retropad32?!

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