The A.I.R. has made it to beta 1!

Two modules, many uses….Both modules are the same code, both work in many modes, and both auto detect. scenarios:

Controller->Bliss-Box->(1ms)->A.I.R->Xinput>(2ms)->any usb device
Controller->Bliss-Box->(1ms)->A.I.R->HID>(2ms)->any usb device
Controller->Bliss-Box->(1ms)->A.I.R->Wireless(send)…(3ms)…Wireless(receive)->A.I.R->Xinput->(2ms)->any usb device
Controller->Bliss-Box->(1ms)->A.I.R->Wireless(send)…(3ms)…Wireless(receive)->A.I.R->HID->(2ms)->any usb device
Controller->Bliss-Box->(1ms)->A.I.R->Wireless(send)…(3ms)…Wireless(receive)->A.I.R->LEVEL Shifter->Mister user port

The A.I.R is essentially a smaller adapter that connects to a Bliss-Box. It gives it fast usb (HID or XINPUT) and in addition it can be coupled with another A.I.R to give you wireless. The 3ms wireless figure above is a guess, but if anything may be less. Looks like the range is near 20 feet. More to come as Beta continues.




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