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v2 BlisSTer board.

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Product Details

BlisSter v2 second run boards are identical to the first run with the addition of the power modal.

BlisSter v2 boards are revised versions from the v1 that have a few more options on the board . Mode LEDS, switches, and a few test points. V2 also have thru hole design for a stronger build and a reinforced switch. Note: the switch is 1mm off form v1.

The BlisSTer is a USB Hub board with integrated Bliss-Box ports. This features an interface to Bliss-Box's LLAPI (Low Level API) taking advantage of many features and data from the Bliss-Box chips without the need of using USB. That means no USB lag at all!


  • 5 x USB 2.0 ports
    • Standard USB connection and polling rates
  • 2 x Bliss-Box ports (HDMI form factor) to be used with our cables.
    • Use original controllers with adapter cables.
    • swappable from LLAPI to USBs seamless.
    • Upgrade/Reset button for each Bliss-Box port.
  • Power switch for entire MiSTer device
  • Micro-USB 3.0 user port for LLAPI mode

1 BlisSTer
1 USB micro to micro bridge
1 USB 3.0 user port cable
1 5 volt barrel to barrel connector
1 soldered on Protection board on the under side. Safe to set on a metal surface.
4 Stand off's (m3 14mm )

Ships with retail packaging.

Warning: Do not use a 12v source!

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