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APC (Advanced Port Connector)

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Product Details

Running an Arcade setup, MiSTer, or just want to clear up clutter of your large controller collection when connecting to Bliss-Box devices? This little kit is for you. Allows permanent connections of up to 15 controllers to one box, with 1 out to the main Bliss-Box device.


1) 15 input HDMI ports
2) 1 output HDMI port.
3) An up and down port selector
4) a Reset button (same as the reset line on the Bliss-Box)
5) A required 12 volt input sources of power.
6) protected by an acrylic bottom and top cover.
7) LED port indicators.

The power adapter is not included do to shipping restrictions, excess wait, and COVID delays. Please obtain a 12 volt center positive .1 amp (100 ma) or greater 5.5mm barrel type, connector.
Like any of the following
Bliss-Box does not endorse or have an affiliation with walmart, the link is provided as an example.

limited AVAILABILITY!!, This is a one time option while supplies last. The APC may be remanufactured depending on how it sells but it will never again see 15 ports.

Do not use this with HDMI appliances, it is not rated for such.

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