The 4-Play

The 4-Play was the companies product lunch product. Rest assured all the functionality of the 4-Play still lives today! Technology and availability of components change over the years and so do products.

The current product being sold that captures this functionality is the Gamer-Pro Advanced. This adapter is like a single player version of the 4-Play. the GPA was designed to be a replica of the Gamer-Pro. The GPA matches the Gamer-Pro’s ability in every way but uses a chip-set that is more advanced. If you are looking for a product more similar to the 4-Play consider grabbing one of the Gamer-Pro’s while they are still available. The Gamer-Pro is a 4-Play, there is no difference in the hardware expect that it is a single player. The 4-Play was 4 Gamer-Pro’s in a box with a USB hub.
The 4-Play was marketed as a company start up deal and a one time offer. Although some Gamer-Pro’s still are being sold they are quickly. Our recommendation is the GPA. We believe it will deliver all the ability of the 4-play/GP with more advanced features. Stop by the product page to read more in depth info on both.

Why was the 4-Play so sought after? The 4-Play was 4 adapters in one small unit. It came with a bag of cables and was the first of its kind.

This little kit packed a punch and gave the user so much ability seen for the first time. There were many failed projects that tried to compete with it. Nothing could match what you got and nothing could match the price. The 4-Play still surfaces on ebay from time to time but at a much heavier cost.