Engineering and creating new ways to game. Our aim is to re-purpose the old hardware adapting it to newer hardware.


Bliss-Box adapters are the first to support such a wide variety of controllers. The list of supported systems continues to grow! We hope to add more and more to our already impressive repertoire.

Our Adapters

Have you ever bought an adapter with driver or USB ID issues? Do you have a bin full of awkward, unreliable products that just don’t quite get the job done? Do you want a seamless, authentic gaming experience that’s hassle free? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Bliss-Box USB adapter may be right for you.

Made For Gamers, by a Gamer

Bliss-Box adapters do not need drivers and the cables are easy to organize. This adapter is modular and supports the same features across multiple controllers. The adapter shows up as a Gaming USB device and handles all the communication to the controllers itself, meaning you won’t have to struggle with re-configuring inputs every time you unplug it. With the Bridge and the correct cable, you now get game using any controller you like.

Plug and Play

The greatest advantage in owning the Bliss-Box USB adapter is that you’ll never need to buy another retro controller USB adapter again. In addition to the controllers it already supports, the adapter allows for easy of updates to support new controllers. New cables can be created, should the need arise. Bliss-Box makes a design based on the concepts of adaptability, authenticity, and value since the very beginning.

Product Growth and Reuse

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What do our adapters do?

  • Use any retro controller over USB or on any console.
  • Fully access a controller's potential or extend its ability.
  • Mix and match and use them in ways not originally intended.

Looking to adapt just one controller?

Bliss-Box adapters have consistently prioritized accommodating multiple controllers recognizing the universal desire for expanded options.While this concept remains central to our products, achieving this can be done by purchasing 1 adapter and 1 cable. Consequently, the added value maybe beyond initial expectations.

Taking the Power of Our Adapters to The Next Level

With the most impressive controller compatibility repertoire in the world, we figured it was only natural to take it up a notch. We are designing ways to configure, go wireless, and go big. Why just limited all of this Bliss to a computer...

Introducing the Bridge

Bridge Output

With the Bridge you take the power of the adapters to your console.

Universal connector

Allowing a secure simple way to adapt to connectors.

USB Interface

The Bridge connects to the adapters USB interface.

Universal Connector

Allowing a secure simple way to adapt to Controllers.

Your Controller

The Bliss-Box adapter controller compatibility is untouchable. Try us!

The Bliss-Box Bridge

With the Bridge, you can game on any console with any controller, game in ways you never thought possible, or in ways you only dreamed of. Or maybe you just want to extend the power of the Gamer-Pro to your favorite console. Let the Bridge make your idea a reality.
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The Blender

Transcend the possibilities

Mix, match, copy, separate, duiplicates, extend, twist, remap, or just go crazy with any controller. Blend two into one, one into two, or convert to xinput. The Blender reads LLAPI, manages the inputs, and sends them back out as LLAPI or USB.

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What is the BlisSTer

The BlisSTer is a USB Hub board with integrated Gamer-Pro Logic chips and ports. The BlisSTer features an interface to Bliss-Box's LLAPI (Low Level API) taking advantage of many direct features and data from the Bliss-Box chips without the need of using USB. That means no USB lag at all! It doubles as a USB board and can be used as a direct replacement with some handy advantages.




What was the 4-Play

The 4-Play was our flagship project that skyrocketed us to fame. If you've got one, you're part of an exclusive group that owns it. While the original 4-Play is no longer in production, its capabilities live on in the Gamer-Pro Advanced. Built on the same principles and abilities as the legendary 4-Play it includes many advantages. Though if you are looking for 4 ports in one, stay tuned for the 4-Play Advanced, coming soon!


A few common questions.

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